Modification regarding child custoday agreement

We currently have shared custody of my son’s boys. Just recently his ex wife is taking us to mediation to change the custody order. Currently he works about 4 days a week and gets the boys on his days off and this fluctuates each week. Her argument is that he is married now and she (I) can take care of the boys when he is working. She wants a more stable schedule for them. The boys get more quality time with their dad as it is now and if changed I would be the one driving them to school etc and he will not be getting his time with them. Will the court allow this? Is a step parent a good reason for child custody modification?

In order to seek a modification to the child custody order, the moving party has to show there has been a substantial change in circumstances. A new step-parent may qualify as such a change, but I can’t speak to whether it would be enough to modify custody in your situation. The judge will look at all the facts at play and make a determination based on the best interests of the child.