Mortgage In My Name But Ex In House

You can not deduct anything from child support payments. If it is spousal support, possibly. I would talk with your attorney about what would be the legal response should she quit paying the mortgage before she gets the house refinanced. I would think that would affect the amount of ED that is owed you. You could discuss with her that the ED order has her refinancing the residence and making the payments and see if there’s an explaination. You may be able to work something out for the payment to be made and her paying you back…Making the payment would be the smartest option and keep excellent records of that payment and any others.
Just a suggestion, but if she makes no payments, even a show of good faith, and there are no explainations it may be that you could show the courts that there is malicious intent on her part to ruin you finacially.

The mortgage on our marital residence is in my name, but my ex is in the house. The equitable distribution order we have has her refinancing within a year. She’s currently been paying the mortgage. But, it looks like she may stop. If she does, what can I do to protect my credit? I’m thinking I’ll make the payments and deduct the amount I pay from my support payments to her. Is this a good option? What other options do I have so I can keep my good credit? Thanks!