I am in the process of filing so many motions and I need to know the limit I can file to be heard in one day…lol

I need to do a motion to compel discovery; two motions for relief from judgement (custody order, contempt order) due to clerical errors and incorrect information about schedule and medical report; motion to modify child support (since my son started school, custody will switch from joint custody to primary physical for me)

My questions are: Is there a limit to the amount of motions that can be scheduled for the same day? I have had the same judge consistently throughout this 2 year legal custody battle. Do the motions have to be heard by this same judge who made the orders or will it be scheduled to be heard by a different judge according to the scheduling for the month.

Thanks again for all your help. You are a blessing.

The amount of court time you will be allotted and how many motions can be heard on the same day will depend on the local rules in your county and the vacant space on the motions calendar. You should schedule all motions in front of your assigned judge, and have the clerk assist you with scheduling.