My ex still has some stuff here


This is a spinoff to a related post but from the other way around. When we separated, we agreed verbally that the dining room furniture and kitchen table would stay in the marital residence where I am living because 1)he doesn’t have room to store it and 2)it is easier to sell a furnished home than one with empy rooms. So it solved a issues on both sides for him to just leave them here. There are other things in the basement as well that I would prefer to get rid of but it’s not a huge issue that they are here.

I am thinking of buying him out if the house does not sell. When I do that, or if the house does sell, can I force him to take his things even though he doesn’t have room for them? What is the legal way to go about doing that? If he doesn’t get them by a certain timeframe of having proper notice, can I sell them and keep the cash for myself?


If you have an agreement with a time frame allowing him to collect his items, you may dispose of (or keep) them after the time period expires.