Name Change


My divorce was finalized a couple of weeks ago. Now my ex is stating that he will take me to court if I don’t change my name from my married name to my maiden name. Is this possible? This is my decision, right? He has no grounds to force me to change my name. He says when I married him I took it and since I divorced I must return it.

Please advise. All of the research I have gathered online points to it being my decision. I even asked the courthouse clerk during the process and she stated it was totally up to me.

I have no emotional attachment to the name…it’s just a hassle trying to change it, and (God-forbid) if I get married again, and decide to take his last name, I’ll have to do the entire process over again.

Thank you…

No, your ex cannot require you to change your name, that is your decision and yours alone.