NC property law


I think your answer is yes, you should get half, you need to look up Equitable Distribution on this site


I need to know if my husband and I were engaged when he purchased our house ----I was even at the closing and have resided in it since day 1 and have been the one to handle all the remodeling and everything else for the house since day 1 — when he walked out last week was it legal to change the locks?? our house is on the real estate market when it sells will I get half of the proceeds as my name is also on the real estate contract as spouse since we have been married for several years and resided in the same house? A key issue in this situation is that for the past year he has resided in another county for five nights out of the week— as he said it was so he could be closer to his job? The children and I have been the only constant occupants of the house.