Need help/advice asap please

Dear scaredveryconfused:

Greetings. You can look up the statutes on our website and also on the internet. This is a criminal statute and not part of the civil work we do. Thank you.

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Hi, before I ask my question, the first paragraph is a bit of history up to date…

I really DON’T know what is going on in my divorce case. No one will give me any info. People are bailing on me and the kids, even professionals (such as Private Investigators who won’t give me the surveillance or evidnec that I paid them for). I can’t get any true information out of anyone. Evidence is being destroyed or other “gone missing.”

I had to take out a “Domestic Criminal Tresppas” warrant out on my husband in the paste few days. I don’t know what the law really is and the police departments from two different jusrisdictions (mine is union county, his is mecklenburg cty) are giving me two exactly opposite information on teh domestic criminal tresspass “law”. I don’t the law and who or what i sreally true or right. I can’t tell if I’m getting played. This is a very scary DV case, and my husband is very rich with a lot of money. I have none, I am a stay at home mom. I’m afraid that I’m being gven wrong info or perhaps being set up to fail.

Does anyone know that NC State law regarding "Domestic Criminal Tresspass) or an exact statute that I can read? Me and my kids really need some genuine help and ACCURATE information, not smoke and mirrors, or opposing “viewpoints/interpretations” of the law. There’s a lot at stake here - the most special thing two kids. They are in danger with all the game playing my husband is doing. I just want to do the right thing and do it LEGALLY. I don’t want to take any chances and do anything wrong, as it will hurt the custody of my kids. One wrong move, and I could lose everything.

I just don’t know how to help them, or to do the right thing, if I don’t have RELIABLE ACCURATE INFORMATION.

BTW, I have no one here who supports me, I am an only child. My oarents are traditional and take my husband’s side. I can only do s much by myself, and I fear that my inabilities or lack of resources will ultimately damage the children for teh long-term.

ANY advice, input, help, info on “domestic criminal trepass”. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE, would be MUCH apprecaited. Thank you/