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First of all, I would like to start off by commenting your firm on how helpful and informative your website has been. My only regrets now is that I did not encourage my new husband to seek counsel with your firm. His ex wife told him to leave in July of 2002; and the divorce was final in 2003; the problem that he is facing now is, possible appealing the judges decisions if it is unequally divided. After 23 months the judge was, for the most part forced to come back to the table for the final decision on Monday of this week. My husband left the courtroom still not knowing for sure what will happen; what really dosen’t make any sense is the courts forcing my husband to divide only his assets and they are basing the division on the value as of 2006 not 2002 when she put him out. My husband will be 60 in a couple of months and he has health conditions that could put him down. His ex is 10 years younger than he is and makes more money.
Even after the judge frozed thier assets; her assets disappeared. During the proceeding; my husband attonery submitted supporting documents to prove his ex liquidated her 401 by putting it in her son’s name. All the while though, since 04 the ex’s attonery has been monitoring my husband investment. dimissing the fact that her client spent and moved her assets.

Would it have been possible to have hired your firm with having residence in New Hanover at the time of the separation/divorce?