Non payment of alimony

That doesn’t make any sense to me. I thought that if you were already divorced, you couldn’t go back to ask for alimony. If they were married for only 5 years, then I could see MAYBE alimony for 2-1/2 years. If they both made little money during the marriage, then I’d like to see who was the ‘dependent spouse’ Hmmm…I’m anxious to hear the lawyers response.

I too am curious about this. Alimony is normally only paid for about 1/2 the length of the marriage (I thought) and is based on the salaries of the couple at the time of separation. Of course, if they were separated for 3 years prior to divorce then I guess that would be 8 years married…if they didn’t have a separation agreement then the income she began making could have been factored in…not sure…
Maybe something in their divorce/ED papers that stated future income would decide alimony due to verbal agreements…

I don’t know if not being in NC will have an affect on this. I would assume that something could be set up with the ex for payments on the backdated sum if the judgement was made recently. Her taxes may be held up…not sure about her wages.

After speaking to my daughter’s attorney, I still have questions. She attended college for three years when married to her x-husband. They were married for 5 years and have been divorced for over a year and separated for about three. They were each making very little money at the time of their separation. About that same time, my daughter had just gotten a job as a nurse, not exactly sure of the timing. they both stated to various people that when she finished her degree he would start college to get his and she would work. He has never finished a college class and still has a low income job and moved back in with his parents. She did not have to pay for her classes as she received scholarship money. He always maintained that he wanted to be a Mr. Stay-at-Home- Mom and is now sueing for alimony.The judge agreed to 4 years worth at 300 a month backdated to their separation plus his attorney fees. (There is no hope of him paying the fees either). It seems a bit extreme to me as it does not take four years to get an AA degree. She is balking at this and does not want to pay, at all. She seems to think that her attorney was hinting that she did not have to if she was not returning to the NC. She does not have the money to pay the lump sum they are requiring either.

I think that her taxes and wages will be docked that and/or she will have a warrant taking out for her arrest. She is still working as a nurse and doing quite well, but not in the same state.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.