North Carolina Legal Joint Sep-Pro Rata?

Three years ago ex and I separated. Child custody issued was physical joint legal custody of child. No child support and no alimony at the time of separation. I have been charged to pay percentage of child’s medical expenses “pro rata”’

Questions Please?:

  1. If ex was at fault for the separation and said ex makes double your yearly salary can in NC they be charged for alimony ? Time Limit involved?
  2. If in fact ex makes double my salary am I required by law to pay the “pro rata” child’s medical?
  3. Are there any links online of calculators you would suggest in order to correctly gather correct amount owed?

Note I hate to pay this pro rata share due to ex being at fault for separation, her income and ex can afford to live lavishly but cannot afford child’s medical.

  1. Whether alimony is appropriate is dependent on a determination of whether one spouse was truly dependent on the other for support. Fault for the separation is not relevant unless adultery was involved.

  2. The child support guidelines do not dictate how medical expenses for minor children will be paid. This is at the discretion of the judge.

  3. We have the child support calculator on our website and we also have an [url=]alimony calculator[url] which may give you some indication of what spousal support is appropriate.