One More CS Calculation Question :)

In figuring child support what defines the term GROSS monthly income? Does alimony count as part of the X’s monthly gross income? My husband pays a HUGE amount of alimony but the X doesnt work full time. With the alimony she makes more per year than he does! If she worked full time her salary would be more than his!!! She doesn’t work full time because she chooses not to…and she ALWAYS worked full time prior to their divorce. If alimony doesn’t count then my husband ends up paying more CS because her gross income is not based on full-time employment. Is there a way to challenge this? We certainly can’t force her to work full time but shouldn’t we be allowed to figure her income based on a 40 hour week? Based on her prior full time work history and the fact we can barely make ends meet as it is…Is there any hope?