Optional visitation days and child support

Our separation agreement reads that I am the custodial parent with stbx having the children every other weekend (Fri - Mon am school dropoff) plus an optional visit during the week on Tues, Wed or Thurs that can be overnight if wanted. For the last 9 months, this has happened randomly based on schedules, etc. At times he will take both children and at times he will take one child, and at times, he will take 1 child one night and the other child the next night, and sometimes he doesn’t have them at all during the week.

The agreement also reads that we will follow the NC Child Support guidelines once he has a job (he is currently unemployed). My question is how we factor in these “optional” days when stating the number of overnights into the calculator. Same question goes for having the option for visitation during the summer.

So basically, do you base number of overnights on the optional days or the standard days?

Child support should be based on the actual schedule. In this case if the optional visitation is sporadic a Worksheet A is the appropriate calculation.