Parenting Agreement


My first parenting agreement stated that no overnight guests unless related by blood or marriage can stay in my home until one year after the divorce.

When I went to court, the revised copy said the same thing but negated the timeline.

Which do I go by or is there a standard amount of time? Does this mean that I can never go on with my life unless I go to court?


The revised agreement would control. If it prohibits overnight guests you will have to follow the same, unless there is a substantial change in circumstances that would allow for a modification of custody.


Thank you, but I never agreed to that and I am sure the transcript would reflect that. What are my options here. Basically my ex husband and the courts are controlling my life. My question more important and not that it’s a plan in the future is would I loose my kids if I ever chose to go on against the agreement which is unreasonable.


You may file a motion for relief from judgment to amend the order. If you violate the order you would not automatically loose custody, but the other party could file a motion to have you held in contempt of the order.