Peaceful Separation


I was married in August 2008. In March 2009 my wife and I peacefully separated. We both maintained separate houses during the marriage, and we never “lived together”, just the occasional sleepover.

We are waiting till March 2010 to get a divorce. We have not done a separation agreement, because both parties are not after anything, there are no children involved, no mutual accounts, no mutual property.

What do we need to do to get divorced in March ? Just go to the courthouse and sign the papers ?

It’s my first marriage & first divorce, so I am a little new at this.

Thanks for any info.


You will have to file a court action for divorce and then work through the court channels to have a judgment entered. Many counties offer “do- it your self” kits as the process is relatively simple. There is a video on this site that further describes the process which you may find helpful.