Plantiff in divorce - moved out of state


Hello and thanks for responding in advance.
I separated from my wife in NC almost a year ago. With my attorney’s consent, I moved just across the state line to SC to rent a home, it is within 10 miles of the marital home in NC.
Now I am looking into filing for the divorce after my 1 year waiting period and find the following in the divorce complaint:
“That the Plaintiff is a citizen and resident of County,
North Carolina, and has been a citizen and resident of
County, North Carolina for more than (6) six months next preceding the
commencement of this action.

I don’t know what “next preceding” is supposed to mean, but I assume it means I have to move back to NC for at least another 6 months before I can file, correct?

Thanks you for taking the time to respond.


So long as your wife still lives in NC you may file the action. Simply reverse the language to show that your wife has been living in NC for the last six months.


Thanks Erin!
What a relief!!!


No problem. I wish you the best!