Post marital agreement for trial reconcilliation

I can understand that you want to try to make your marriage work, but I would suggest that you sit down with your husband and discuss the terms of this reconciliation. Maybe he doesn’t move back in right away…or continue everything the way it is now only start dating him again…just a suggestion. You can watch his behavior and see if he’s sincere in his want to reconcile. This also will keep you from having the “fool me once…” line run through your head. What has changed that would make this reconcilliation work where the last one didn’t? Or did he figure that it would be cheaper to stay married than to divorce? [;)]
Legally you are still married but I believe that a separation agreement would have to state that it is null and void if a successful reconcilliation is obtained by the couple. I could be wrong but I believe that the separation agreement would hold up regardless.
Something to think about though…if you do not trust his intentions then I would strongly reconsider attempting a reconciliation, IMHO.

You can execute a post nuptial Agreement that states how you are going to divide the property you have already acquired and the property that can be acquired in the future. You can also amend your separation Agreement to include a specific definition for reconciliation.

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My husband and I have been separated for four months. He is wanting to attempt a reconcilliation with me. He did this four weeks ago only to leave again 10 days later. He then tried to have our agreement altered on the basis of marital reconcilliation because he doesn’t feel the agreement is fair to him financially. Having said that, I obviously don’t trust his intentions but would like for us to be able to work out our marriage since he’s the one that left me and not the other way around. Is there any type of post marital agreement that I can obtain that would state if anything should happen…yet again, that the original terms of our sep agreement would still stand without being altered? If so, can it be as simple as us writing it up and having it notarized, or would he need to be prepared by an attorney?