Post sep alimoney

Just separated now after 10 years of marriage. Understand the standard for post separation support is 1/2 the number of years married. We never had children together and I never stopped her from an education or making a fair living. She always worked and up until the last 3 years made good money. Now while working for the Red Cross she’s making very little.

My Question: is the 1/2 the number of years of marriage paying post sep alimony and the amount a hard and fast rule or can a judge weigh in based on no children, always working etc.

We’ve been to a mediator and it’s looking like a sizeable amount of money each month for 5 years.

Thank you,

Bryan Jorett
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The standard rule of thumb for the duration of alimony is half the length of the marriage, however that is not what the law states, and is just the rule of thumb lawyers use to begin negotiation. Post- separation support is a kind of temporary alimony and it lasts up until alimony is set by the court, or agreed upon by the parties.