Pre- Separation Finances

  1. Prior to an SA,should I avoid paying my own debt off aggressively, since it’s marital property, and can be used in negotiating ED? Conversely, should I avoid paying off the MTG. on the marital home aggressively, since I intend to let spouse keep that?

  2. Also, prior to an SA, is there any way to save any funds (that wouldn’t be accessible to spouse as marital property), that wouldn’t also be considered “diversional” (or whatever the legal term is for intentionally subtracting from what would/could/should have been used for the marriage)?


I can answer your questions I need to know if you are separated?

Thanks-- No, not yet separated, still living together.

The time clock for purposes of valuation of the martial estate stops at the date of separation.

If you pay down the marital debt prior to separation there will be less of the debt to divide.

There is no way to save funds prior to separation as any money saved during the marriage is martial property and subject to division.