Proof of Fault


Dear Ruby58:

Greetings. Your testimony is proof. Also, yes, in court proceedings you can make him account for the funds he took from the family. If he has acknowledged this to you, he is probably willing to take on the debt of paying the funds back to you.

Remember that gambling can be a disease for some. It is a horrible disease, one that tears about families and ruins lives - as you can probably attest to.

Finally, there is no reason why you cannot keep those funds. Also, I would talk to an attorney about having the funds he took and put in his separate account frozen immediately. Money in the hands of a gambler is as good as spent (unless that person is Chris Moneymaker or Doyle Brunson from the World Poker Championship), and I am assuming your spouse is not one of them. Good luck.

Janet L. Fritts
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My husband has admitted to me that he gambled and lost at least half of our assets. He lost savings, and even put a big moragage on our home… and gambled it away. He gambled away his retirement accounts. However, if we go to court I do not know how to prove that fact. I could prove by bank records that large amounts of money is missing. WOULD HE HAVE TO PROVE WHAT HE DID WITH ALL THE MONEY THAT IS MISSING SINCE HE WITHDREW IT? Just because he told me doesn’t mean he will tell the court etc. I still have some retirement assets and a workmens’comp settlement funds(though he took half of that but has it in his account as of today). I would like to be able to keep those in a divorce.