Property Included in Property settlement


Dear kiserk1:

Greetings. The vehicle would be her separate property if it was a gift to her from someone outside of the marriage. Of course, if you had to pay taxes on it from the marriage, then you may be entitled to some of those funds back from you. The car of your father’s that you use, is still titled in your father’s name. Therefore, it is not your property. Thank you.

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My questions is: My wife won a Pontiac G6 in September (Part of the Oprah give away) she recieved the vehicle valued at $27500.00 Would this be part of the value of our property or excluded as her gift.
The second part is in 1986 my dad bought a 1965 Chevy Corvette I restored the car, my dad is going to give this to me in his will. I use the car as if it is mine. She says this should be included even though it is to be a future gift. Your professional advise please.