If her name is not on the deed then the house remains your separate property. However, any appreciation in the value of the house because of work you did during the marriage, such as new floors, landscaping, etc. is marital property. In addition, if you have reduced the principal on the mortgage during the marriage, that reduction in principal is marital property.

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I was talking to someone at work, regarding the house, and I said if I got divorced, that because I bought the house before we were married that it would belong to me.

But I’m not sure now, because even though I bought the house before
our marriage, last year we did a “refinance” of the mortgage.

At that time the bank asked me if I wanted to include my wife on the mortgage, and I said “Yes”, then they also asked if I wanted to include her on the title of the Property, and I said “NO” So the house is still titled in my name but her name is on the Mortgage documents.

Where would this fall, is it still mine, since I’ve never signed anything giving her even partial possesion, or is it now jointly owned
because her name now appears on the Mortgage agreement.

Thanks for your time.