My ex and I signed a property settlement on July 30, 2010. That property settlement stipulated that she could file a QDRO and receive half of the value of my 401K on the date of seperation. This could be done anytime after the settlement was signed. I filed for divorce in April of 2011. Her lawyer filed papers with the courts to have the QDRO issued at about the same time. They were served on me and I responded that I stipulated to each item. Since that time i have heard nothing. My 401K has not been split and the company that operates my 401K has recieved no paperwork regarding the QDRO. I can retire in about 12 months. I would like to roll my 401K balance into my NC state retirement. I can 't do that unless her part has been seperated. Is there something I can do in order to make her lawyer execute the QDRO the judge has signed? (i’m assuming he/she signed)

Call her lawyer and find out the holdup.

Why not do a partial roll over of funds (your part) and leave whatever amount your wife was entitled to in the 401k… and hope it has been forgotten?