I signed my separation agreement which stated he was responsible for the qdro. He owes his attorney money so he will not do it. I filed for divorce and I didn’t know I had to file a separate complaint for the qdro. Can I still file it so the judge will sign it? My hearing is set for 11/30/12. I am so confused. That is all I have for my financial future. I can’t lose it… What do I do???

You want to file the complaint for divorce with the equitable distribution action so you don’t have to pay another filing fee. You need to have your claim for ED pending at the time the divorce decree is granted.

If you are in the correct time frame, you can amend your complaint and reset your divorce hearing based on your new date of service.

We can assist you with the claim for equitable distribution for the limited purposes of entry of the QDRO through Rosen Online. www.rosen.com/online/