Ramifications of absolute divorce


Three questions

  1. If my husband files for divorce how much time to I have to file for Alimony or ED if I decide to do so? He left the house nearly a year ago.

  2. My husband has been cheating - confirmed by a PI last month but I realize now it has been going on since Oct - and I make less money than him…no salary but a pension. If I file for Alimony does that have anything to with ED or is it completely separate as a legal action? Would my pension be at risk - it he turned around and filed for ED based on my filing for Alimony?

  3. When my husband moved out he said he “wanted to reconcile” and left 90% or more of his stuff in the house…if he files for divorce and serves me and I let it go through without taking ED to court - what legal remedy does he have to get anything out of the house that is not clearly in his name?


  1. Once a divorce decree is entered the claims for alimony and ED die. You have to file those before entry of divorce.

  2. Infidelity may affect alimony, but it will not have any bearing on ED.

  3. Household goods should be settled in ED, so if he doesn’t ask for anything back and a divorce decree is entered he’d be barred from claiming for any property in ED.


Not sure what you mean by the “divorce decree is entered.” I don’t know how the process works…presuming a year of separation has passed, is there a time between the date either of us would file and when the divorce is “official”?