Recalculating CS

Hello. I pay child support to my ex. The amount was calculated as of last July. The consent order I signed said that we would recalculate CS when alimony ended in November. That is just 15 months. Does the consent order override the 3-year wait period rule? Thanks!

Yes, your agreement to review child support in 15 months will allow for review/modification at that time.

I am the custodial parent who has primary custody of an 11 year old daughter. The custody arrangement is that he sees her every other weekend two days a week two weeks in the summer and alternating holidays. Like so many other people, her father doesnt like to pay the support but does do so. Now that our daughter is older (11), he would like for her to pay for her meals when he is with him. He says that this is what child support is to cover as well. He has told her that she may not like it but she should shut up and pull out the money. What are his legal rights in this instance?

He is to provide for the child when she is with him. The support he pays is intended to cover his share of the costs for her needs, including food, but WHEN SHE IS WITH YOU, not when she is with him.