Refinance Prior to Separation?

I’m trying to understand the timing of refinancing the house into my name alone and our Separation Agreement. If my husband is agreeable, can this be done now before we have our Separation Agreement in place? Can a wife own a home without her husband on the deed in NC? I have a friend that says both wife and husband MUST be on the deed…even if wife is only one on the mortgage is that true? thank you

He would need to sign a free trader agreement for your to refinance without him.

Another Question: Pls assume we refinance now, and STBX-husband is on the MORTGAGE and we are both on the DEED, and THEN we separate. Can we then execute a Quit Claim Deed and/or Trader Agreement to remove his name from the deed as part of the Separation Agreement, which would mean I own the house and he has responsibility for the mortgage? If he would agree to this, is it possible?