Regarding Court Dates

I filed a Divorce from Bed And Board including custody, PSS, alimony and ED. At the end of 30 days, he filed for an extension which I’m currently waiting on. Next Tuesday we have to go to “mediation orientation/parenting apart orientation” for two hours. His 30 day extension is up around 6/21. If I remember correctly, we are then FORCED to go through mediation for custody before a court date is actually set. What kind of time frame are we looking at for these dates? I NEED my parents AND my children to be in town for any court date and they’ll be out from like 6/22 until around 7/12 or so and then my parents will be away in Aruba for two weeks. These people are my “witnesses” against my spouse and they need to be in town. Do I get to set the court date or how exactly does that work since I filed in the first place?

Thank you so much.

How long it takes to get a court date varies by county, it could be anywhere from 1 to 9 months. You will know well in advance of your court date.

Either party may ask the case be set for trial anytime after mediation.