Registering a QDRO with Mecklenburg County, NC


I have a separation agreement and divorce decree dating back to 2008. The separation agreement includes instructions to split my retirement accounts when my ex reaches age 62 which occurs this coming October. I am an employee at the firm that holds my retirement accounts and am using their template QDRO form. I have a completed form with notarized signatures for both me and my ex and my employer has reviewed and approved the terms. All I need is guidance as to what forms to file with the Mecklenburg court system to obtain authorization to execute the QDRO. I went to the self-service desk and also checked the online nccourts site. Between the two resources, am still unclear as to what forms need to be filed. Appreciate your advice including an estimate of the cost of having the Rosen firm process the court filing. Regards,


You have to file a claim for equitable distribution for the limited purposes of filing the QDRO. You can find a sample complaint on our site and tailor it to your needs. If you want to discuss representation in court and fees for same, please contact the Charlotte office to speak with someone directly as that is outside of the scope of this forum.