Residency child custody concern

My spouse took a job and relocated to NC months ago against my wishes. I stayed in our home state with our children. This has caused a rift in our marriage. Our children do not want to relocate to NC as all their family and friends reside close to home here. They are getting ready to finish the school year and I am considering relocating in attempts to salvage my marriage. If in fact I relocate with the children to NC and our marriage fails would a signed agreement between myself and my spouse stating that I can leave the state with our minor children be enough to allow me to leave the state with them and return to our home state. We own homes in both states if that’s relevant.

I called the office and was told to put my question on the forum but it’s been almost 2 weeks and no one has responded. How do I get an answer to my question? Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

A court can always intervene in child custody and support cases regardless of agreement between parties. If you move the children to NC then your husband could ask the court in NC to exercise jurisdiction, and the court could prevent you from moving the children out of state.