Resumption of Marital Relations

Dear divorced64:

Greetings. Resumption of marital relations is when you and your wife reconcile and begin resuming your life as if you never separated. It sounds to me though like you are speaking about cohabitation to end alimony? If they are not “living” together, then there is no cohabitation generally. No, even if the court found cohabitation, you will not get your paid alimony back. Good luck.

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Under North Carolina Law, what constitutes resumption of marital relations and how might it release me from spousal support obligations. I am currently separated (since July). My soon-to-be-ex has been dating the same person from the start (more than likely since before the start). She has already told our kids that they will be getting married as soon as the divorce is final. They spend a majority of their time together especially when they don’t have either set of kids. They go on weekends together with all of the kids and sleep together in the same room. He frequently picks up my kids from school and takes care of them on a regular basis while she is working. He does maintain a separate residence but I think its mainly for appearance sake. I also believe they just purchased a new car together. All-in-all, it seems like the only thing that hasn’t taken place is the marriage. Is it also possible to sue for return of spousal support already paid if a case can be made?