Selling items


How to the courts determine the worth of items when a spouse sells marital property before ED.? My ex has sold
marital and premarital items which belong to me and it is going to be far more expensive to replace these items
when they should not have been sold in the first place.


An appraisal can be ordered of a like item, the selling price can also be used to establish a value.


What if your STBX told you that he didn’t want any stuff and since he left you broke with no food or gas money he told you to pawn his stuff then he would pay it when he got back to town? My cant wait to be ex husband left me with not even money for gas to get to work. He went out of town for work and decided that he was not coming back and was going to move in with his girlfriend. He told me to keep everything, he didn’t want anything that he didn’t already take. So I didn’t want to sell his stuff so I pawned a few things just for gas and a couple bills, gave him the ticket and packed the rest of his things and gave to his son. I made his son sign for everything he took and his dad picked it all up from his sons house. Now he says he didn’t say that, even though I have witness who heard the whole conversation on 3 way calling. I offered him several times to come to the house to take what he wanted, but he didn’t want to. So when I moved, I left more of his things, he picked them up and now that I am out of state he wants stuff. I think I gave him plenty of opportunity to get whatever he wanted. Do I have to pay to transport some small things back to NC? We went to court prior to me leaving for a 50B I took out on him and he listed everything he wanted, I gave him that and more before I left. Can he now ask for more?


Unless he files a claim for Equitable Distribution and you are ordered by the court to return items, then no, you do not have to. If he does sue you, you will want to be sure to present all evidence you have that he agreed to the distribution (including your witness).