Selling marital home

My soon to be ex and I have been separated for a little over a year. At the time of separation our debt included a car payment and our mortgage. I assumed both since he was unemployed at the time. We are now in the process of going through equitable distribution. I have decided that I cannot afford to keep the home. I think that it will take a while to sell the home. My questions are the following:

Will I get credited for the principal that I have paid since separation?
What about insurance/taxes on the house? Do I get credit for those as well?

What about going forward while the house is on the market? I assume that I have to assume all of the debt since he still can’t afford to pay?


You may be credited for the principal reduction and taxes and insurance paid since the date of separation. You may seek a reimbursement for his share of the debt service from the proceeds of the sale.

Thanks for the info.

If I put the house on the market and still pay the mortgage, what rights will he have in determining the ultimate selling price (not asking price)?

It will depend on whether you have a Separation Agreement giving you the right to decide that issue. If not you will both have to agree on the sale price.