Sep agreement


Greetings. Typically the separation agreement will stand, regardless of the other spouses’ desire. You need to ensure that the separation agreement is valid. It would be worth it for an attorney in our office to review the same for you and let you know if your spouse even has a claim - and give you some much needed peace of mind.

Yes, if the language of the separation agreement is not followed, it will be a breach of contract. Thank you.

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[:)] First I just think this site is great source of help and information thank you for being there when people like us need help.
I had a seperation agreement made up and we both signed it in front of a public notary now the soon to be ex wants to have the hole sep agreement removed and have a new one with the courts and lawyers do this[:(]. Can the sep agreement be removed fromj the courts is this legal? Is the sep agreement a legal binding document and show be treated like one? Also all the information in the sep agreement must be followed to the letter or it will a breech of contract.
Thank you so much [:D]