Separate Property

I retained my OWN checking acct opened year or so prior to marriage in my name only (maiden name) AFTER marriage to my swindler husband which still exists. No banking acct do I have or ever had joint with husband’s name.
I could not exist on my $800 gross income per month prior and after marriage and pulled chunks of money from my IRA (in my name only established prior to marriage… especially with a man scamming and thieving. As with everything else…everything is in MY name maiden name only as this husband came into the relationship with ZAP and only caused losses, etc. Several months ago prior to separation I bought a 2000 truck for #12K cash by pulling money out of my IRA. Since i needed more than the $12K for other debts to be paid…I had $21,900 deposited into my separate checking acct and from there got a cashiers check for #12K to pay for the truck. Husband’s name is NO where on title, registration. Now I hear that once I put IRA money into a checking acct…it became commingled? This guy never paid a bill, wrote a check out of it…was entirely my money.
I could understand if my IRA money went into a joint acct with his name on it as well but did not.

Is my truck classified marital or separate? etc

Jessica Almond