Separated & inlaws have moved into property

My spouse and I have been physically separated for six months. My spouse lives in our home that is in both of our names and has no mortgage. Since our physical separation, he has moved his parents and three adult siblings into our home. We agreed over a year ago (before we physically separated) to sell the house, pay off our debts, and divide the money. He has not taken the steps to put the house on the market because he does not want to sell the house “from under [him]self.”
The problem is, my children and I are not receiving rent money, buyout money, or child support. I believe it is morally wrong for their father to live rent-free, move in family that pays no rent, and on top, not provide financial support for our children. Again, the house in both of our names, and bottom line, the children and I get no benefit from that house.
What are my legal options to have have the family removed, extract rent, or force my spouse to buy me out?

You cannot have the family members removed from the home, but you can and should file an action for Equitable Distribution to force the sale, or have him buy you out, you also need t commence an action for child support.