Separation Agreement Not Incorporated Into Divorce Decree

I just found out recently that the separation agreement my ex and I had drawn up was not incorporated into our divorce decree, does this mean the separation in null in void? My reason for asking is this was the first original statement saying that neither of us would speak badly about the other in front of our children. Well, my ex is currently trying to turn our kids against me and continually saying awful things about me in front of the kids. I am currently trying to take him back to court so my kids and I can move out of the state and I was hoping that I could show that my ex agreed to not speak badly in front of the kids about me years ago and that he is currently breaking the separation agreement. Any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

Not incorporating the agreement does not make it void. Incorporation changes how the separation agreement is enforced and modified.