Separation agreement

My husband decided a month ago he was no longer “in” love with me. 3 weeks ago he moved into a friends house and is currently in the process of buying a town house. He drew up a separation agreement that seems fair. He is rushing me to sign it because he has to prove to the morgage company how much he will be paying in child support and alimony. I was willing to sign it, I think mostly because I figured in a few months this will blow over and he will come back. Now I am having second thoughts. It does say in the agreement that a new agreement will be drawn up upon final divorce decree. I am afraid that if I sign this agreement even if we do a new agreement at divorce he can say I agreed to it during the separation and hold me to that. I do not want to spend lots of money on lawyers fighting for every little bit back and forth but we do have children, are co owners of the house and both names on the mortgage and both work and have pension plans. Would I be able to hire a lawyer to look over the agreement and tell me if I should sign it or tell me what to put in it? How much on average would something like that cost in Raleigh NC?

I do not recommend you sign ANYTHING without first consulting with a lawyer. Most separation agreements are not meant to be temporary and you could end up waiving your rights to property and spousal support forever if you sign the agreement.

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