Separation Agreement

My wife had a lawyer send me a separation agreement through regular mail. She got a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and traffic accidents to do it. The agreement has everything possible for my wife, including over $2,500 in alimony even though our income is very close to being the same, her base pay is actually higher then mine. All together it would cost me around three times what I take home a month for everything she crammed into it. I am certainly not going to sign it but I am wondering, since this hasn’t gone through a court do I have to even acknowledge it? I haven’t gotten an attorney yet and honestly, we shouldn’t need one but my wife is trying to punish me. I am still paying all the bills, same as I always did. I will soon ask her to start paying her own utilities but that’s about it.

No, you do not have to acknowledge it. This is just a contract, not a Complaint being served upon you. You do not have to acknowledge it or sign it. A judge wouldn’t be able to make you sign it either. I would recommend you hire an attorney to negotiate with her attorney to amend the agreement, or you will need to file for equitable distribution, custody, etc.