Separation Agreement

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Great to hear that some additional searching on our website was able to give you the answer you seek. Let us know how you are doing!

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My spouse is sending me a revised Separation Agreement but tells me I have to hurry and sign it as it takes a couple of weeks for the courts to okay it. Isn’t it true that the court has nothing to do with this until we agree on it, both sign it and then offer it to the court as part of the final divorce, etc.??? Is he just trying to rush me through this so I won’t notice that not that much has been revised? He is still expecting me to waive my right to alimony and property we co-own, it’s just worded a little differently. And yes, I’m the one who has been married for forty years! Also, could Mr. Rosen or someone else in the firm give me the web address I seem to have lost. It is for the attorneys group who work inexpensively with clients who have no means of obtaining monies rightfully theirs, etc. I will be most grateful for your help. Respectfully, lostlady