Separation Question

I will try to make this long story as short as possible. My wife and I actually took off our rings in November of last year due to her infidelity and have said we are “separated” even though we live in the same house. I have stayed in the guest room all this time. We have 2 daughters with one being 17 and just graduated high school. She is moving this week to her grandparents in another part of NC to attend college there. The other will be 15 in August and she wants to go where I go.
I recently received a job offer within the company I work for to move out of state which would be a good move for me since it will be closer to my family. My question is can I just take my 14 year old daughter and leave? My wife doesn’t want to give up our house but she can’t afford it on her own even though we make about the same salary. What happens to the house, do I still have to help pay for it? This move will take place within the next month so I need to get things in order quickly.


If you leave the state with the child, absent your wife’s agreement she could file an action for emergency custody to have the child returned to NC. The best course of action would be to execute a parenting agreement with your wife allowing you to move with the child.
With respect to the house, if your wife cannot afford the same on her own, the same should be listed for sale. I would advise that you do contribute to the mortgage in the meantime to prevent your credit from being damaged.