Seperation aggreement

My wife has printed from a diy law site, a seperation aggreement. we have been in trial seperation for three weeks. She is in hurray to have this signed and before the court. While i think the aggreement is very much in my favor, as she is the adultuous one, I don’t know if it is affordable. Because she so badly wants out, she has rationalized that this is financially feasable. Even though we have to wait one year for divorce, am I correct in understanding from Mr Rosens presentation the other night, that a seperation aggreement IS the divorce aggreement once the year comes up. So that the seperation aggreement once aggreed upon and put before the court is final. At this poiint, all is cordial and I must admit that this is in my favor. Also, before the aggreement was brought up this past w/e, we started the chapter 13 bankruptsey process. I think its best that the bankruptsey is final before and seperation agreement is drawn. In closing, better to file seperation now or wait till bankruptsey is complete? Is it true that even if the seperation aggreement is made official , that it gets thrown out if we reconcile? Or should the seperation aggreement be made official asap as it does seem to be in my favor? Thnaks

There are pros and cons to filing bankrupcty together or separate. You should discuss your options with your bankrupcty attorney.

Whether the separation agreement will dissolve if you reconcile depends on the wording of the agreement.