Seperation for 1 year

you can do what you want your an adult you want to lie under oath go ahead. The fact is that your divorce will not be legal and therefore any marriage further down the line will also be a crime.

Why take the risk.

if things are trully no problem then get a seperation agreement including free trader clause and right “date” protection for third parties from AA. and move on with your life in a year and a day sign the final papers and file.



I am wondering if you have to “prove” that you were living in seperate residences for one year. I was told you don’t have to prove it so that leads me to believe I can just file for divorce at any time. If I’m breaking the law of NC who will know?

Just curious as to why you don’t have to “prove” anything.

Thanks for your response

ps. Basic divorce, no issues just a 600 dollar easy divorce no complications from either party.