Okay. So I did some more research on this site and found that the papers do not have to be filed witht he court. Once it is signed it is considered a binding contract. I also found out that there does not have to be a seperation agreement but is a good idea. Once we are living seperately then that is considered a seperation. Great info and thank you.

Hello all! I am in desperate need of some assistance. I went to the library and found the seperation forms for North Carolina. My husband and I have lived seperate since July 1, 2006. I filled out the seperation papers tonight and plan on meeting with him in front of a notary to have them signed. I am confused about the next step. I can not seem to get any information on what to do next. I spoke to the clerk of court in my area and she informed me that I would not return the forms to her and that she could not tell me what I needed to do. I then spoke to the magistrate of my county. He advised me that once we began living seperated that we were considered legally seperated. He did not know what if the seperation papers needed to be filed with the court are not. My understanding of the situation was if we both signed the documents it is considered a binding contract. We have no property to divide. I want no alimony. I do not want his vehicles. The child that I have is not biologically his and he is not on the birth certificate. I know there is nothing that he can do when it comes to my son. I had my son before I met him. Right now I do not have the financial means to consult with an attorney. Can someone please tell me if once we started living seperately it is considered “legally seperated” and what do I do with these papers once we have both signed them? I appreciate any and all feedback. I would really appreciate an attorney to respond as well. Thank you.