Serving Spouse


I have filed for divorce and sent the papers certified mail, return receipt requested to my ex at his workplace. He works at a large company with a central mail room so, instead of sending the letter up to him, someone who was “certified to sign for mail” stamped the card and sent it back. Is that sufficient to attach to the affidavit for service by certified mail? If I have to serve him again do I need to have additional copies of the summons filled out by the clerk of court or can I just make copies of the paperwork that I have? Thanks so much!

In order for another person to sign for the document, it need be someone of suitable age that lives at his residence, not an employee in his mail room. If it has been less than 60 days since the Summons was issued you may send another copy to his home, or have him served personally via sheriff at work.

Another person did sign for it. Is there an affidavit or something that he can sign indicating that he received the papers?

It must be someone who lives with the defendant, not a co-worker or mail center employee. He may file an acceptance of service which will eliminate the need for proper service under the rule.