Settlement Agreement

My ex husband and I do not have attorneys anymore for different reasons. We have already been to trial for custody and we still have ED, PSS, Alimony and CS left. Our trial for these issues was postponed. We would prefer to handle these out of court. We have been able to file motion to continue our court date to give ourselves some more time due to no longer having attorneys.

What do we do in order to file a settlement agreement with the courts? Our case manager did not know and I was wondering what we should do if we are able to come to an agreement to address our remaining issues before our rescheduled pre trial date.

Thank you

If you come to an agreement, you can memorialize it in either a separation agreement or a consent court order. If you put it in a separation agreement, you will need to file voluntary dismissals in your court case. If you put it in a court order, you will have to submit it to the judge for entry.

There are pros and cons to putting your settlement into a separation agreement or a court order. If you want advice on the agreement as well as help with forms and drafting, you should consider using our Rosen Online service.