Sexless marriage


If there is no sexual relationship in a marriage, because spouse refuses to have sex. Then she files for divorce can she collect Alimony? I do have some evidence of someone else, and know there are laws that adultery there is no alimony. However, my question is directed to specifically refusing to show love and affection.


Lack of sex between you and your wife alone does not bar her claim for alimony if she is a dependent spouse. You would need to prove her adultry if you want to bar an alimoney claim.


Lack of sex alone is not a bar to alimony.


If you have proof of her infidelity, then she is barred from receiving alimony by the Court. If I were you, I’d forget about the lack of affection she showed during the marriage to YOU and concentrate on proving infidelity on her part. That way, you will NOT have to pay her alimony IF she was the dependent spouse. If you both made approximately the same salaries, then no alimony is granted anyway. The Court does not care about the “state” of your marriage. The Court only deals with divorce. Anything that happened or didn’t happen in your marriage makes NO difference. Trust me. So, if there’s no alimony claim, no need to beat yourself up about it. However, don’t agree to alimony! Don’t agree to anything that you cannot live with and remember, forget everything that happened during the marriage. It makes no difference unless she was dependent upon YOU financially. All divorce is…is a division of property. The emotional issues or wrongdoings make NO difference! In other words, it’s ok to commit a crime against a spouse!