She got fired so we pay more?

My husband’s first wife lost her job ( not the first time this has happened but the first time since this custody order). He pays her alimony and CS ( that goes directly to the private school that his ex insists their child attend). His lawyer said yesterday that his ex will likely file an emergency motion for more child support.

I am baffled. How can we be obligated to pay more when she can’t keep a job? We have custody 45% of the time and we would be happy to have full custody ( for a multitude of reasons). I am sure that if my husband got fired he would still have to pay support.

So, two questions, can she really get more child support for losing her job? We heard from the child that she’s not even looking for a new job. And, can she go after my income?My husband and I married last year and file our taxes separately.

Child support is based on the gross income of both parties, so the loss of employment may alter child support obligations. If she acted in bad faith then he may ask the court to impute income to her.