Show cause

Can you show cause for other parties in a case:

a) School, if they are giving vauge excuses for me to see kids
b) Family Administrative office – Not providing and correcting case status file mistakes or omissions
c) If other parties are deliberately creating issues…

I would like seperate responses for each line items…

Also, is there any other procedure that could be use other than show cause when court is doing mistakes, not calendering, not fixing order errors etc?


a) I’m not sure what you mean. If they are not permitting you to see the children per your scheduled time, then yes, you can do a show cause

b) No, you need to file a corrective motion to bring these issues to the court’s attention. This is not the subject of a show cause.

c) No. A show cause is only applicable if there is already a court order in place. It permits a party to hold the other in contempt if someone is not following the terms of the court order. If you don’t agree with something the court did or believe they made a mistake, you can appeal the Court’s decision if you file a Notice of Appeal in a timely fashion.

If you believe employees at the courthouse are making errors, that would fall within the realm of attempting to contact their supervisors at the courthouse.