Signed over house but name is still on the loan


how long does it take for them to reply?


The woman that I am dating signed over everything to her husband in the divorce. They were together for the better of 25 years in which 2 children were born. They both worked and he paid all the bills and she had to buy clothes, food, gas and pretty much anything else out of her income. She felt bad about what she had done (To bad he never felt bad about things he did) and he took advantage of that in the divorce. She would not have otherwise signed everything over to him especially since the land was given to them by her father.

She recently found out that her name was still on the mortgage. He says he cannot get it refinanced to get it off, I do not think he has even tried, what rights does she have, if any, since he name is still on the loan and it affects her credit to still be on there. Does she have any legal claim since she is still on the loan? He is now living elsewhere and is renting out the property can she get a judgment for half the proceeds or put a lean on the property/mortgage?