Signing agreement vs filing for divorce

I have been living separate from my spouse for 15 months now. He has yet to sign the separation agreement (although I believe that he agrees to everything, he just is a procrastinator). I really want to file for divorce.
1-Do I have to wait till the agreement is signed??
2- If I don’t wait what bad could happen from filing the divorce in regards to the separation?

1 & 2. If a divorce decree is entered before alimony and ED are settled, or filed, then you lose the right to claim for those.

Im sorry but what is ED?

What about custody?

So basically you are saying that once I file for divorce if he doesn’t agree to alimony and ED (whatever that is) then I just have to move one and I have no way to force him to give it. But he still can agree? right

I mean can we sign the separation agreement after the divorce is filed and granted?

ED is equitable distribution.

Custody may be filed at any time.

He could agree after the fact, but there is no reason for him to because you aren’t entitled to it.

You can sign the agreement after the divorce is granted, but that is a bad idea.